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  • •    Prefabricated Stands :

Prefabricated Spaces are stalls with modular shell system panels. Each panel is of 2.4m in height & 1m in width. The name of the exhibitor appears on fascia.

The facilities per 9 sq. m. are:
     o  2 Chairs
     o  3 Spot Lamps
     o  1 Table
     o  5 amp power point
     o  Exhibitor's name on fascia

  • •    Cloth Stall:

     o  Cloth Stalls are covered with cloth only.
     o  The Exhibitors are allowed to get their own displays, partition walls and furniture.

  • •    Bare Open Space

    o  Open Spaces are open to sky. Exhibitors need to get their own displays, partition walls and/or furniture.
    o  Example: Greenhouse at Venue : You can erect your Greenhouse on a bare space of 12m x 16m

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